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Red Tent Gatherings

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When there is no light in the night sky

We find our way back to each other

To our sacred time,

Our stories, Our wisdom, Our sisterhood

Together, we shed

Our heartache, Our trauma, Our egos

Our shadows, Our collective pain.

Together, we restore.

We create. We birth.


We heal our way.

Woman, you are the medicine that the world is seeking. 

​Combining ancestral and conventional interventions to arouse women’s wellness, honor woman’s unique path to restoration, and defend the individual and collective feminine essence, Lisa-Marie Del Rio, Psy.D. hosts public wellness gatherings to foster collective healing and ensure the passing down of our stories.

The goal of these gatherings is to connect soulful women to each other, to support women on their individual healing journeys, to foster a safe place to greet the raw and wild feminine, to step into personal power, and to initiate the maiden within  into mature, impactful womanhood.

Gathering Details

Date: Under every new moon

Time: 6:30 PM EST

Location: Virginia Beach, VA 

What to expect: Somatic activities, psychoeducation on an aspect of womanhood, open sharing, group meditation, exercises to foster  sisterhood

Please bring your own mats, blanket, or anything that would make you comfortable. Everyone will be seated on the floor. 

Confidentiality is protected. 

You are so loved, woman. 

Upcoming Events


Topic & Itinerary

❍  March 10th

❍  April 8th

❍  May 7th

❍ June 6th

❍ July 5th

❍ August 4th

❍ September 2nd

❍ October 2nd

❍ November 1

❍ December 1

"What is a woman?" ☾ Somatic exercise, psychoeducation on features of  "woman," group sharing, relaxing meditation 

 Sacred Rage ☾ Psychoeducation on the functional value and holiness of anger, group sharing, somatic release

Rite of the Womb ☾ Psychoeducation on womb healing & Sacred Ceremony

Sacred Sexuality ☾ Psychoeducation on feminine sensuality, receiving pleasure, and body autonomy with group sharing, &   embodiment meditation


Heartache ☾ Heart opening exercise, group sharing, psychoeducation on the feminine initiation of heartache, heart-focused meditation





For Travelers

If you are traveling from out of state, you will be flying into the Norfolk International Airport (ORF). 

Search for hotels or Air BNBs near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

And, don't forget to contact Lisa-Marie for a special gift. 

Under each new moon, we gather to share our stories, to be witnessed, and to heal collectively.

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