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Who am I?

Who Am I?
It's the most profound question of a lifetime.

And the answer is buried beneath all the lies we swallowed when we were empty.

My name is Lisa-Marie
And this work is my heart.

I promise you, beautiful human, the components of your own personal symphony have always there, but maybe they have never been fitted  together in a way that would produce a fluid melody. The nature of the heartache you suffered scattered the broken pieces of your identity, and yet, here you sit--in the fullness of your being, unaware of the perfection that already exists within you. 
And who am I?

I am "healer."
I have committed my life to helping as many women as I can find healing, freedom, identity, destiny, and impact. In whatever order suits their design.

I am "homemaker."
No matter where I go, home follows me. And I guide other women to create personal comfort in their own, individual spaces and stir the bravery she needs to create the life she deeply desires. 

I am "creator."
Bringing form by uniting pieces through creativity and expression is the very breath of who I am. And it is the song of my heart to showcase vulnerability and uphold individuality in everything that is birthed from my womb.

I am "conqueror."
The heroine of my own story who has connected to the grace necessary to show other women how to return to their original blueprint—before the headache happened.
And if I lost it all, those features would remain.

I am


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