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Frequently Asked Questions

What will our session look like?

Sessions will be eclectic in nature. Because no two people are the same, identity work is unique to every individual, and there is no cookie cutter approach. Sessions will be designed from information gathered in the background information that you provide for me when you book your first session. I will hold space for you to process your conflicts, gain your honored consent to engage in experiential activities for you to encounter the truth of who you are, foster your spiritual self, and provide you with psychoeducation about topics that are relevant to your struggle.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Simply, come into our space with an open heart. There is nothing that you need to "do." As a guide, I will direct the session initially, and as our relationship develops, we will co-labor in your journey toward wellness. 

Research shows that the relationship between coach and client is the primary force for healing. The effectiveness of services is mostly determined by the working, trusting relationship between client and guide. For that reason, I want my Beautiful Ones to know that I am approaching them with unconditional approval and a promise to serve as their advocate and guide from a loving, nonjudgmental stance. 

Is this Coaching or Therapy?

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Virginia, USA and a certified life coach. Although my education background is in clinical psychology, and I have the knowledge and skills to treat individuals with mental health conditions and perform as a psychologist, I operate as a coach within my private practice. I follow the ethics of the International Association of Coaching within the professional realm of coaching.

Certainly my education and knowledge of psychology comes with me wherever I go, but sessions will feel more like guiding or coaching. Sessions will feel like a real connection with a real person, but you will also feel the security of being held by a guide who has mastery of human psychology. 

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance, because my practice is filed under coaching so that I can operate autonomously, work with women all over the world, and build the kind of relationships with them that promote their growth. And because coaching is not a medical treatment, insurance will not cover the cost. 


But mostly, I believe that, now more than ever, we need guides who are willing to come to healing spaces as authentic creatures. I want my clients to see my heart in the same way that I see their hearts. Removing the clinical approach also removes the hierarchy so that my Beautiful Ones can come forward in the presence of authenticity and love. 

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