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Welcome Beautiful One

As a healer by the book and by the heart, each of my Beautiful Ones will be lovingly guided into her highest, as a force of existential evolution and a source of perfect love. 

Specializing in: 

Women's Issues

Identity Consolidation

Trauma Reprocessing

Masculinity & Femininity


A Life Returned

I am crying while writing this because of my gratitude for Lisa-Marie. She has completely changed my life. And it all started with her believing in me. Meeting her beautiful soul has been so special. And I truly don’t think she knows how many women’s lives she’s changing.

Lisa-Marie, I will forever be so grateful for you. You gave me my life back—a life that I never thought was possible. I’ve never had someone believe in me and really see me for who I am like you have. It’s just all hitting me at once right now. Doing my taxes yesterday I was SHOOK at how much money I made last year-and 70% of it was made since I met you. I truly had no idea how MUCH my heartache was holding me back. And now, every day I wake up and am just so thankful for my life. You truly have been the best gift to my life. I can’t wait to see how far you go, and I’m SO excited for all of the women who haven’t met you yet. Because, wow, they have no idea. I love you so much!

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